Andrew Tsao is a uniquely qualified content and story creator. With decades of experience developing and delivering high level content to Hollywood studios, academia and a range of specialized clients, his unique Storyist Method has impacted audiences in the millions.

He also produces and directs theatre and film projects independently. Andrew’s vast experience with creative projects includes directing for every prime time television network and stage productions seen in Edinburgh, Shanghai, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

In Seattle, Andrew is also the founder and principle of THE STUDIO SEATTLE: Evolved Stage and Screen Acting Classes.


About the Storyist Method: The process

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Creative Content


With decades of experience as a professional television and theatre director creating and delivering impactful stories, Andrew Tsao brings a deep Storyist perspective to your content strategy needs.

As a professor of dramatic arts Andrew developed, implemented and taught story across a range of arts disciplines and was head of one one the most dynamic undergraduate drama programs in the nation.

As an independent producer and director of film and theatre, Andrew has tested experience with Story and its impact on audiences worldwide.

Andrew now brings his vast knowledge of story, strategy, media creation and leadership to the ever evolving world of content strategy. A professionally certified content strategist, Andrew has the ideas and the ability to give your organization, product or project the impact it needs.

As media, advertising, marketing, product, experience and content all converge in today's increasingly saturated marketplace, you need a powerful story to engage your target audience. Our insight is your story.


"You can have the best technology, you can have the best business model, but if the storytelling isn’t amazing, it won’t matter."

— Jeff bezos, amazon founder



Harnessing the power of story is more than knowing concepts. It requires the experience, ability and talent to imagine, articulate and structure stories that make real meaning for your audiences. At Insight, we have the proven know how to create great stories.


Powerful, engaging stories are at the heart of great content. At Insight, we are thorough, thoughtful and focused on revealing the deep needs and wants of your target audience. We also know how to uncover barriers, obstacles and other issues that may prevent your audiences from enthusiastically embracing your story. 


We will design a top to bottom, broad and deep strategy that illuminates the whole range of your unique story. From identity to brand, message to media, we understand that every aspect of your content strategy must focus on being inspiring to your audiences.



Identity, product, service, brand, image and market are now in the era of convergence. The great unifying factor is story. I know that in today's oversaturated world, your story must cut through, reach your audience and inspire them. My unique story background means you have the edge when it comes to standing out with your content strategy.

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